Nieuwpoort is a coastal town on the Belgian coast, consisting of two parts.
Together, Nieuwpoort-Stad and Nieuwpoort-Bad have a population
of nearly 11,000 inhabitants.

Via the ‘Ganzenpoot’, the Yser flows into the North Sea near Nieuwpoort.
The city has several interesting sights, including the Stadshalle with the bellfry
(world heritage, recognized by the UNESCO),
the Vismijn and works of art by, to name but one, Jan Fabre.

The quays

The Quay always guarantees a lovely stroll. Since the renovations,
which were made a couple of years ago, this has become a cosy
neighbourhood with many excellent restaurants.

The marinas, with their hundreds of boats, ensure a special atmosphere.
Even at night, this is an excellent strolling spot,
thanks to the beautifully lit ‘fountain square’.

The surroundings

Nearby, many leisure spots can be found.
The Yser mouth is a popular place for cycling and hiking.
Thanks to the tram, the other cities by the Belgian coast
can be easily discovered.

The E40 drive is to be found near the guest rooms,
so that other hot spots in West Flanders kan be reached quickly.

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